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'Tis all in vain?

Why Bin Laden's Really Dead

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Although many in the Arab world would continue with their usual conspiracy theories (everything always boils down to a Mossad or CIA plot), there is one core reason why I think we have no cause to doubt the correct identification of Bin Laden:

If he's still alive, a single teeny tiny tape sent to Al Jazeera would utterly destroy whatever credibility the US maintains in the world's eyes. There is no way the US government would risk such an embarrassment. Thus, I conclude that the kill must be genuine. I wouldn't put it past the US government to fabricate evidence, but in this case there is too much to lose.

Additionally, I think the burial at sea (but with Muslim rites) is just disrespectful enough while not being insulting to Muslims. It also prevents any sort of pilgrimage site from being created. Bin Laden would not become a Shahid.