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Twitterchive - Post the Day's Twits to Livejournal or Elsewhere

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There are services such as LoudTwitter that will submit digests of your twitters to LiveJournal, TypePad, or other blogging service/software. Wordpress has plugins that will do that. However, my experience with LoudTwitter has been that it is fairly unreliable. Thus, I coded up a fairly rudimentary python script that will grab that day's twitters and post them to LiveJournal, or elsewhere. You can find it here: Twitterchive v1.0. Edit the file to include your Twitter username and password. Requirements:
  • Python
  • A POSIX-compliant system (such as Linux or Cygwin)
  • python-twitter
  • Charm, a LJ client in Python.
  • Copy the charm and files to the same dir as Twitterchive. Copy the sample.charmrc file to ~/.charmrc. Alternatively, just run python install, and edit to change the call to ./charm in main() into just charm. Edit ~/.charmrc to include your livejournal username and password. I recommend you follow the procedures described therein and only use the md5 digest of your password in this file.