Revelations and Miscellania

January 25, 2016

Switching all the world’s cars to driverless at once would save more lives this year than immediate world peace.

Sports Corner

Kabbadi is an Indian full-contact team sport where you have to take a breath, then chant “kabbadikabbadikabbadi…” as you run into the other team’s territory and try to tag them. The chanting is to prove you’re still on your first breath. Once you tag a member of the other team, they try and prevent you from exiting their territory. India vs. Pakistan in the 2014 World Cup: adfsd

A Musical Interlude

Here’s the band Too Many Zooz (you’ve probably seen videos of them preforming in NYC’s Union Square subway station) doing their Brasshouse thing:

The Ur-kel Masters

Videogame mashup of Family Matters and Star Control II.

Revelations and Miscellania - January 25, 2016 - Michael Katsevman