Memetic Convergence

June 3, 2007

When I read Mark Liberman using the neologism lolsingularity, I knew I had to register some domain names pronto. Soon, both the .info and .com domains were under my ownership, and a rudimentary page was up. Soon it’ll look good, too!

The lolmemes are accelerating in both the appearance of new variants and in their propagation, hence, the natural conclusion is that soon we will reach a lolmeme singularity, or a lolsingularity. What will happen? We don’t know. It may be good or it may be bad. The lolmemes may enslave mankind, or we may eventually learn to coexist. In order for neither of these fates to be truly effective, we must become one with the lolmemes!


Memetic Convergence - June 3, 2007 - Michael Katsevman