Gargoyle Roadmap

April 22, 2008

Official Gargoyle Roadmap, calluh callay!

Currently, Gargoyle consists of 3 parts:

At the moment, only GPS is truly usable, and even that is to a very limited degree. A proof of concept for GPA was posted, and most of a v0.2 was written, but that codebase will be abandoned. GEAS is for now just a whole bunch of ideas without a single line of code.

What follows is a breakdown of what each component of Gargoyle is, what features are implemented, and what features are planned.

Gargoyle POI Server (GPS) Priority features are marked with an asterisk. (A POI is a Point of Interest)

Gargoyle Extraction Agent Service (GEAS) None of this is implemented.

Gargoyle Personal Agent (GPA) This isn’t actually a single application. Rather it is a suite of applications for multiple platforms, each with modular UIs.

Development Plan:

  1. Implement GeoRSS support in GPS
  2. Create rudimentary exporter from GeoNames wikipedia data into GPS.
  3. Create Google Maps mashup which displays this data by reading it from GPS.

None of this is new, in that a Google Maps view of this data already exists. However, this will lay the groundwork for extending the system and creating open interfaces that allow rapid development of plugins and improvements.

Gargoyle Roadmap - April 22, 2008 - Michael Katsevman