Fractals, Strawberry DNA, and Making Bento

October 9, 2007

While I slowly write more abstract and long posts, I decided I can have smaller posts with links and reccomendations and such. This is the first, we’ll see if the habit sticks.

A post on one of my favourite computer scince blogs about speeding up integer arithmetic using fractals should show you they’re good for stuff other than just pretty pictures (and he also has a previous post on the subject).

Ever wanted to extract some DNA at a party? Or from just about anything using household items? Well, now you can. Who said Kuro5hin was dead?

Most of my food is eaten as packed lunches, what better way to increase meal satisfaction than applying the Japanese Bento (“boxed lunch”) aesthetic. But what if buying lacquered cherry woodg boxes ain’t your thing? don’t despair, you can still have pretty and mobile food on the cheap. If that didn’t quite pique your interest head over to the ultimate bento blog for incredible pictures and recipes.

Like one of my favourite blogs, Marginal Revolution, I intend to talk about things that I think are under-appreciated, and not just add momentum to the meme juggernauts. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Fractals, Strawberry DNA, and Making Bento - October 9, 2007 - Michael Katsevman