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Exocortex Paper

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I have finished my independent study course titled Exploring the Exocortex. I enjoyed it immensely and learned a lot while doing it, only some of which I was able to condense into the paper below. Some thanks:
  • Dan Grover -- for mentioning MontyLingua to me and speeding up the development process many-fold
  • Hugo Lin -- for MontyLingua
  • Steven Bird, Edward Loper, and Ewan Klein -- for NLTK
  • James Allen -- for providing the impetus to choose VerbNet over FrameNet thus saving me many headaches.
  • Timothy Hickey -- for advising the course and allowing such non-standard research to take place
The paper: "Exploring the Exocortex: An Approach to Optimizing Human Productivity" by Michael KatsevmanPDF I will publish the code soon as I finish cleaning it up and packaging.