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Curbing Music Being Played on Cellphones in Public

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Curbing music being played on cellphones in public

If you take public transportation you've indubitably encountered someone playing music using their cellphone as a boom box.

If you're an ethnomusicologist perhaps you're delighted at the developments in treble culture. If you're not, chances are you found it rather annoying, and perhaps the young turk or turkette partaking of the tinny notes seems rather too set in their ways to be berated by you in public.

So, I've come up with a passive-aggressive and mildly vandalistic (yes, vandalistic) method to curb this! Instructional pictograph stickers!

What you're looking at is a prototype for a design. The dimensions are those of a bumper sticker. I'm not perfectly satisfied with the wording, nor with the NO pictograph, but it's getting there. Would appreciate comments and suggestions! Once I've finalized, I will provide these TO THE WORLD!

You'll be able to deploy them at your favorite public transportation venue, or just anywhere else affected by this scourge!