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Mocking Eye

'Tis all in vain?

A Miraculous Thing

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Yesterday, I was pulling out of a parking lot in my 2000 Honda Accord. In front of me was a Honda Civic that looked to be from the late 80's to early 90's. And then, something amazing happened. Our blinkers synchronized! For the half a minute or so we were both waiting for a right turn, our blinkers blinked in unison. Never deviating from the pattern, or moving apart as per usual. I always look at the blinkers at the vain hope that one day, just this will occur. I was so gobsmacked I forgot to memorize the car's plate numbers! It was going the same way as I for a bit, so I followed just behind, and contemplated following the car to its destination but decided against it. After all, what the hell am I going to do? Go up to the driver and introduce myself? Instead, I will just be content in the knowledge that for me, there is a car out there that blinks just like mine.